Centre for Sight Surgeons speak at ESCRS 2016

Centre for Sight Surgeons speak at ESCRS 2016

29 Sep 2016

Centre for Sight’s consultants made a significant contribution at XXXIV Congress of the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS). This Congress and Symposium by Europe’s leading organization for cataract and refractive surgeons was held in Copenhagen on September 10th through 14th, 2016.

Mr Sheraz Daya, Ms Marcela Espinosa-Lagana and Ms Lucia Pelosini were at the congress and Centre for Sight research and innovations were presented, including the main symposium right after the opening ceremony.

Here are Centre for Sight’s six top stories from ESCRS:

Astigmatism Management in Cataract Surgery

Mr Sheraz Daya was invited by the ESCRS to speak on the management of irregular astigmatism in cataract surgery. Drawing on his experience on difficult cases Mr. Daya provided a systematic method of evaluating and treating patients who with this condition, including those with dry eye, nodular degeneration and keratoconus.

He also discussed the usefulness of the “Daya Report” in deciding how much astigmatism to treat and how at the time of cataract surgery.

(In the photo) Mr Daya presenting in the main auditorium to a massive audience.

Mr Daya presenting in the main auditorium to a massive audience

Jonathan Kahn, MD interviewed Sheraz Daya to discuss the diagnosis and management of irregular astigmatism.  

Watch the interview on EyeWorld.

Outcomes of modified mushroom femtosecond laser deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty

Poster presentation authored by Ms Marcela Espinosa-Lagana and Mr Sheraz Daya evaluated the visual, refractive and keratometric outcomes of selected patients undergoing femtosecond laser deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty (FSDALK) using a modified mushroom geometric pattern.   This is a technique devised at Centre for Sight and in use for the last 7 years.  Patients who have this type of transplant are much more stable and have very good vision long term no matter how extensive the disease.  This includes high levels of keratoconus.

For more information, visit FSDALK page.

The self-expanding W-IOL-CF polyfocal intraocular lens

A new lens that has been used at Centre for Sight for the last year was also presented and received with some excitement as this is unusual lens after implantation grows in the eye. Data gathered by optometrist Cristia Sunga and her team evaluated the visual outcomes as well as quality of vision The lens optics are designed to extend the depth of focus (EDOF) and the outcomes to date have been very good.

International Ophthalmic Floater Society

Lucia Pelosini and Sheraz Daya pictured were at the inaugural meeting of this new society that has been set up to share information on Vitreolysis, a laser technique for removal of annoying floaters.

Establishment of the society will enable more education, research, and provide help to patients who are in desperate need of a solution to this very disturbing eye condition.

Mr Daya pictured at the back was thrilled to see his first fellow trainee Con Moshegov from Sydney pictured on Mr. Daya’s right.


Mr Daya as consultant to Bausch and Lomb was invited to moderate the VIP Premium Meeting organised which concentrated on new technologies and premium innovations ophthalmic devices.  The WIOL presented by Erik Mertens a good friend and colleague of Mr. Daya was a major feature in the program as was the Victus laser. Mr. Daya in addition to moderating, presented Centre for Sight novel methods of transplantation using the Victus laser.

“This is an ideal forum to increase key opinion leaders’ awareness of the excellent results that have been consistently reported globally by surgeons and patients.”

Other highlights

Mr. Daya presenting at the Keratoconus Experts symposium at ESCRS 2016

Mr. Daya moderating and speaking on the Daya Report at Nidek symposium

Marcela Espinosa in the company of ophthalmogists from South Africa at the International Intraocular Implant Club Dinner

Sheraz Daya with Prof Harminder Dua, Dr Gaurav Luthra and Dr. Rajech Fogla