Centre for Sight wins two ASCRS Oscars!

Centre for Sight
April 21st, 2013

Unlike Hollywoods Gwyneth Paltrow, our acceptance speech was kept short and sweet!

On Monday night, Centre for Sight’s innovative techniques have been recognised with 2 prestigious awards at the ASCRS. Centre for Sight were the only British winner!

The awards were for two films produced by Centre for Sight:

  1. Translenticular Hydrodissection in Femtosecond laser cataract surgery – Producer Marcela Espinosa
  2. Femtosecond Deep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty – Producer Sheraz Daya
Centre for Sight wins two ASCRS Oscars

In the world of Ophthalmology, the ASCRS Oscars celebrates new innovative techniques and technology in short-film format. The ASCRS has different categories in which hundreds of producers submit their short films and are judged. Winners are appointed in each category with one grand prize winner. Awards are presented on the Monday night accompanied by a full orchestra!

These awards further substantiates Centre for Sight’s position internationally as a leading eye care provider. Recognised by peers and colleagues for its innovation and excellence, particularly in the area of laser eye surgery not only for eliminating glasses and contact lenses, but unlike other centres, laser corneal transplantation and laser cataract / refractive lens exchange surgery. The femtosecond laser featured in both videos is a technology first introduced to the UK in 2004 by Centre for Sight.

Sheraz Daya receiving ASCRS Oscars award

The medium of film provides an educational and entertaining platform, that can easily explain and teach new medical techniques. “A lot of work went into putting the films together and it’s very gratifying to receive these awards” comments Mr Daya. “We were hoping for one Oscar, but to receive two was fantastic – our thanks to the ASCRS film judges!”.

Centre for Sights award winning videos explain the new techniques that our surgeons have developed in our own theaters:

Victus Femtosecond Laser Cataract Surgery and Translens Hydrodissection

This video demonstrates how Translens Hydrodissection in regards to Femtosecond Laser Cataract Surgery reduces, Phaco and Ultrasound time. This means quicker, simpler and safer surgery for patients.

Femtosecond Laser Deep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty

Our second winning video illustrates the advantages of the Zag square pattern technique devised by Centre for Sight for partial thickness corneal transplant. This technique benefits the patient providing rapid vision rehabilitation and a mechanically strong stable wound.

Author Information

Authored by Sheraz Daya MD FACP FACS FRCS(Ed) FRCOphth, Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon & Medical Director, June 2019.

Next review due June 2020.