Power List 2020: Sheraz Daya included again in 2020

Centre for Sight
April 20th, 2020

We at Centre for Sight are immensely proud to announce that our Medical Director Sheraz Daya was voted amongst the World’s top 100 influential ophthalmologists in the Ophthalmologist 2020 Power List.

This is the third year in a row that Mr Daya has been featured on this very competitive listing. Last year he was in the Power List 50 and listed amongst the top 10 Surgical Innovators, a very special honour.

Mr. Daya has been in practice for over 30 years and during this time he has performed pioneering work in a variety of areas in Ophthalmology from Laser eye Surgery for Vision correction, through to Lens Replacements, Corneal transplants and Stem Cell Transplants.

Sheraz Daya performing surgery

Asked what motivates him to deal with so many areas he says:

“…sheer curiosity and being a bit of a rebel challenging established dogma…”

Mr Daya founded Centre for Sight in 1996 with the goal of establishing an exemplary centre for the benefit of patients, surgeons, staff and  the ophthalmic industry with whom he works very closely. The Centre now serves as a reference centre for ophthalmic companies and Mr Daya continues to assist them in the development of new technology. Valued as having a “crystal ball” his views are held in high regard. Mr Daya says he is very flattered to be on the list:

Centre for Sight team

“…there are so many deserving ophthalmologists out there who are phenomenal thinkers, I am very flattered to be on the list again this year and would like to thank those who voted and The Ophthalmologist for including me…”

Centre for Sight congratulates Mr Sheraz Daya and also applauds all ophthalmologists and eye influencers also listed the The Ophthalmologist 2020 Power List 100

The Ophthalmologist’s Power List 2020