Xmas present: Vision Restoration in Tanzania

27 Jan 2016

Centre for Sight’s Medical Director – Mr. Sheraz Daya had his twentieth anniversary visiting the Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation in Tanzania (CCBRT) this last Christmas!

Following the evaluation of 40 patients with corneal problems in April 2015, although on holiday Mr. Daya carried out numerous sight saving operations with corneal tissue kindly donated by VisionShare, USA. Over 3 days, he performed 11 complicated procedures including 8 corneal transplants in patients blind in both eyes aged from 13 to 58.

Centre for Sight Trust very much appreciates the kind donation of corneal tissue from VisionShare, USA and International Sight Restoration. They have provided considerable support in working towards our similar goals of curing blindness.

“It was very gratifying to see patients who previously were completely dependent on others walk around on their own a day following surgery. The smiles on the faces of these patients the next day was priceless” Mr. Sheraz Daya says.

Centre For Sight Trust continues to support education for ophthalmologists, foster partnerships and activities to eliminate avoidable blindness.