Centre for Sight passes its CQC inspection.

Centre for Sight passes its CQC inspection.
10 May 2013

Centre for Sight has just passed it's CQC inspection, the importance of which can often be overlooked. The passing of the CQC inspection shows a clinic, hospital or surgical facility is fit to practice in its chosen speciality. The CQC report and registration is a point sometimes missed.

The CQC is a point often missed by prospective vision correction patients and should be one of the first checks you make.


There are five areas in which a healthcare establishment is judged and within those chosen areas are a set of points. Three types of marks can be awarded for each section -

The red cross shows a failure. The grey cross means that atleast one standard in this area is not being met. By clicking on that area within the CQC site you can find out what the area requiring improvement is. The green tick shows a healthcare establishment meets all the required standards and has passed the CQC assessment for registration.

Having acheived a 'Green' tick on all areas, Centre for Sight has passed it's assessment.

Whether you choose to have your treatment at Centre for Sight or another provider, it's worth checking each clinic over to make sure you happy with the choice you make.

Read the CQC report from for Centre for Sight here..

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