Google Map around our facilities

Google Map around our facilities
02 Apr 2014

There will be a new addition to Google maps in the next few weeks.

Our Oxshott surgical centre and East Grinstead private hospital will become part of Google maps soon thanks to CInsideMedia. We want to show off our award winning facilities to the world - and this is the best way to do it!

Enter through our front doors virtually and move through the building, observing our clinics, equipment and theatres even before you come in for consultation. 

Our East Grinstead Hospital is multi award winning, recently winning the best commercial building in mid Sussex. The hospital is beautifully situated surrounded by green fields and country roads different to our new state of the art centre in Oxshott. You will be surprised how big our Oxshott Centre is and is often described as the 'Tardis'.

Centre for Sight will be on Google maps at the end of the week.


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