How does 20% off your surgery sound?

How does 20% off your surgery sound?
05 Mar 2013

As part of our Optometric Education Days we give the optometrists the chance to see live surgery. The procedures include Laser eye surgery, Implantable contacts lenses and Victus laser cataract surgery.

For this we don't just need great surgeons we need patients.

We are offering patients found suitable for one of the above procedures 20% off there surgery price if they are willing to take part in the education day. The surgery and treatment is exactly the same, the only difference is the procedure is broadcast to optometrists attending our Optometric Education Day. If this is something you may be interested in please give us a call on 0800 011 2887 or email us.

Please read our terms and conditions below before calling.

Our current upcoming days are...

  • July 3rd
  • October 23rd

Terms and Conditions

The discount is only applied to patients who have been found suitable for one of the procedures named above. If you are found suitable for a different procedure the discount will not be carried over unless that procedure is included on the education day.

The patient must be available on the day and times specified at the time of their consultation and be a self pay patient not an insured patient as provider rates apply. All surgery will be undertaken by Sheraz M Daya. If for any reason the patient is not able to come to the days specified the discount will no longer apply.

The patient must be happy and confortable with filming - Live or otherwise. All footage of the patient is owned by the patient when recorded and if we request it, the patient has the right to refuse certain uses of the footage outside of what is legally obliged by Centre for Sight. All footage is streamed to the optometrists on the education day, live. If the footage is to be recorded will first ask your permission for use in recording and storing. It is important to note if the patient is not comfortable at all with filming then we cannot put the patient forward as a participant of the education day as this is an integral part of the event.

This discount applies only to the surgical procedure and not to any other additional costs associated with investigations or consultations. Please call if you have any additional questions. All terms and conditions were correct on the date of publishing and are subject to change without notice.

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