ISO14001 is here to stay!

ISO14001 is here to stay!
24 Apr 2013

ISO14001 is here to stay, thanks to the huge efforts of our CEO Maggie Middleton!

ISO14001 is an award awarded by The British Assessment Bureau, which recognise the excellence in sustainable environmental commercial strategies.

"Reducing Centre for Sights carbon footprint is something I feel quite passionate about!" confirms Maggie Middleton. "Centre for Sight is at the forefront of eye technology and should therefore also take the lead in managing its processes and systems to reduce its carbon footprint."

Centre for Sights East Grinstead hospital was built in 2009 with the environment in mind. "The building itself is highly sustainable and was built with ventilation controls. This means the building in the summer pulls warm air out at night and retains heat in the winter. Last year the building won the Mid Sussex Design Award for the best commercial building in its category.

Our fantastic staff at Centre for Sight have all helped to create an on-going culture, which reduces our impact on our local environment. The more visible schemes we have in place are recycling bins, posters and signs to turn off the lights and equipment. "Our staff believe that is vital to reduce carbon energy for the next generations and support the future." Coments Maggie. "ISO14001 allows the organisation to annually review all of its departmental processes and develop or improve systems that provide the same output, but minimise energy and paper."

Later this year our ISO9001 will be reviewed, and I'm positive Centre for Sight will easily pass this assessment too!

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