Keratoconus Expert Meeting – What’s new ?

Keratoconus Expert Meeting – What’s new ?
17 Sep 2011

Attended the Keratoconus Expert Meeting in Vienna – a by invitation meeting of international experts in Keratoconus – a who’s who in the area – several US surgeons missing this time !

Some very good material on Crosslinking, rings and grafting. So anything really new that we could / should consider adding to our armamentarium ? Besides considering altering our nomogram for Ferrara / Kerarings, on the basis of some great work from colleagues Jose Alfonso and Jesus Merayo from Oviedo, Spain – not really. Rapid crosslinking (5 mins vs current 30 mins) seems very attractive but there is no data to substantiate a) efficacy and b) safety. As soon as this is available, we shall consider adopting this at Centre for Sight.

Corneal transplantation using the Femtosecond Laser just gets better and better. Outcomes are outstanding with rapid visual rehabilitation a common theme amongst presenters in the transplant section of the symposium. We proudly presented our own methods and data along with great videos which we shall post on our site in the near future.

Current practice now at Centre for Sight…

Young patients < 21 years or Progressive KC – CXL if suitable

If unable to be corrected with spectacles, or becoming contact lens intolerant – Rings (Intacs or Ferrara) with concurrent or prior CXL

If vision good with spectacles and patients desire good unaided vision, Toric ICLs a superb option. These can also be used following Ring implantation.

In highly irregular corneas with poor vision with glasses or contact lens intolerance, Deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty, preferably using a Femtosecond laser with Geometric “Zag Square” cuts.

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