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Patient stories about Cataract / LLR

*All original reviews by patients are filed and available for verification

Alison Durant

27 Sep 2016

I was short-sighted since the age of 12 and have worn contact lenses since I was 17. In my fifties I have had to start wearing reading glasses over...

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Timothy Thornton

07 Apr 2016

My vision after the procedure at Centre for Sight is absolutely perfect… could not be better! I am thrilled. Excellent! It has changed by life - I...

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Claire Gavin

10 Mar 2016

My vision now is lot better than it was before. Previously I had to keep finding my glasses and because I could not read without them. My sight was...

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Anthony Sullivan

09 Oct 2015

My near vision was extremely deteriorated as I wore glasses since last 25-30 years. I was very frustrated having to wear them with a string around...

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George Teideman

08 Oct 2015

My vision after the procedure at Centre for Sight is fantastic, I would say Extragalactic! I am sure this will dramatically affect my life. I was...

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Judy Brucker

30 Sep 2015

My vision was very poor, short sighted and blurry before coming to Centre for Sight. I had cataract in one eye since years and used to wear...

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