Victoria D

31 Mar 2017

It is beyond words to describe the difference Laser Lens Replacement makes to your life.

Before the procedure, I could see in the distance, but was unable to see close-up and reading in poor lighting.  

I could not do any activities glasses free, especially outdoors when it was raining and wet; the fact not having anything to clean my glasses was really debilitating.

In fact the time when I had two pairs of glasses and I lost one about 3 weeks ago. So, I was down to one and could never find them.

I remember not being able to read my phone, text messages and the computer. My heavily dependent glasses were like a walking stick, you could not do anything without them.

Last Christmas I was surprised to witness a friend who is 10 years elder to me reading the tiny table of ingredients with ease. I asked her if that was for real? She replied “Yes, I had my eyes done at Centre for Sight”.

At that moment; I thought to myself well then, that’s a testament from someone who I know has been to Centre for Sight for eye treatment.  

I researched about my eye condition by going through their website and reviews, finally decided to bite the bullet and have my vision correction.

I had never considered using contact lenses and I’m so glad I didn’t.

My consultant and surgeon Mr Sheraz Daya suggested Refractive lens replacement would be best for my eyes.

As soon as I had my surgery, I said my byes to all my pair of glasses and threw them away forever.

It was all like a really well-oiled cog. Even to the fact that patient coordinators called me to find out if I was doing fine.

My experience at Centre for Sight from the day I got to know about my friends’ surgery and getting mine done – all was perfect.

I would definitely recommend Centre for Sight.  My husband used to say “It’s a lot of money, love. I’m fine with glasses”. When his glasses broke yesterday he said to me; “Well if my glasses costs me £400-£500 each time they break, I might as well get laser eye surgery done myself”. I couldn’t believe he said that, I am thrilled!

It’s just amazing, just like a completely different world now. This morning when I took off my bandage, I could read the fine-print on the toothpaste tube. In the bathroom, I could see the difference between shampoo and conditioner, I haven’t been able to do that in years. It’s just silly things that are so amazing. I can’t stop smiling. It’s just what can I say. Really liberating!

Mr Daya is just brilliant. I’m so glad I went to Centre for Sight and I knew it was the best.

I can’t thank any of you enough. It’s been brilliant. I just can’t stop smiling. Thank you.

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