Luke Wheeler

15 May 2011

I’m not sure if I will ever get used to waking up in the morning and being able to see.

For the previous six years the first thing I did every morning was insert my large rigid skeral contact lenses, without these I couldn’t even see what time it was even when holding my alarm clock inches from my eye.

Now two months after the transplant I can see that same alarm clock from the other side of the room, it is incredible.

In 2004 I was diagnosed with keratoconus and over the next few years the condition became increasingly advanced in both eyes, I struggled on but by 2010 my eyesight had deteriorated so much that the only real option was a cornea transplant.

After meeting a number of eye specialists I decided that Mr. Daya at the centre of sight was the best option, I was so impressed I signed the consent forms during our first consultation and was contacted shortly afterwards and was informed the transplant could take place the same week.

The day of the operation I arrived at the hospital in East Grinstead in the morning and all the staff made me feel very at ease from the moment I arrived. The actual operation was painless and I left the hospital that afternoon, by the following day when the bandages were removed I could already notice a real improvement in my vision.

For a few days after the operation my eye was quite sore and very sensitive to daylight it also occasionally streamed with water although I was amazed at how little pain I felt during the operation and initial healing process. Over the next few weeks my eyesight continued to improve and now only eight weeks after the operation although not perfect my sight has improved so much that already it is changing my life for the better and I can now plan for my future for the first time in years.

The whole process from the initial consultation to the operation and the after care has been first class and I am looking forward to having my other eye done next year. In summary I would highly recommend the centre of sight for anyone considering a cornea transplant in the future.