Lawrence Corr

Lawrence Corr
05 May 2011

I found from the age of 17 short sightedness creeping up on me, from needing glasses to drive, to be able to watch television, and eventually to be able to read a computer screen clearly. Going out wasn’t much better, as I had real trouble with contact lenses, finding them a nightmare to put in!

So, after many years disappointed with my standard of sight, I decided to undergo laser surgery. Then came the daunting task of researching and understanding it fully, choosing the best place to go, which procedure to have done, and many other important questions. It became startlingly clear from the outset the only place to go – Centre For Sight.

From the outset the staff were polite, helpful and extremely professional, and were happy to answer any question or query I had about the whole process. The surgery itself took no time at all and I felt no pain or discomfort – I felt perfectly relaxed knowing Mr. Daya is a highly respected leader in his field with a reputation beyond parallel and the best team in the business.

The next morning, I was totally amazed to wake up with better than perfect vision (20/10, to be precise). Looking out the window at the flowers in bloom and the leaves swaying in the wind in perfect detail was absolutely incredible, knowing this was how vision was meant to be.

Everyone says it’s the best money they ever spent. I’m proud to be one of those people.

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