Patient stories about Phakic Implants

*All original reviews by patients are filed and available for verification

Joanna Evenden

15 Apr 2017

Before I had my life changing Implantable Contact Lens (ICL) procedure on both eyes at Centre for Sight, my vision was horrible; -16D in the left...

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Tammy Rogerson

15 Mar 2017

Before having my Phakic Intraocular implants with Toric lenses, I was short sighted with very high astigmatism (-4.0 cylinder in both eyes). I was...

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The Carmichael's story

22 May 2013

We at Centre for Sight feel very privileged to have helped a father and daughter, Alan and Alana, helping them to achieve 20/20 vision. We also feel...

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Katrina's Story

13 May 2013

For as long as I can remember my eyesight was bad, anything further than a few inches from my face was a total blur and I wore glasses from the age...

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Nicola Hall

30 Mar 2011

I have been a patient of Mr Daya for over 17 years, having been diagnosed with Keratoconus in both eyes at the age of 20. Due to the severity of my...

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