Sheraz Daya Awarded ISRS Lifetime Achievement Award

Sheraz Daya proudly holding his Lifetime Achievement Award

Last week Centre for Sight founder, Sheraz Daya attended the ISRS (International Society of Refractive Surgery) conference in Chicago, where he was awarded with a Lifetime Achievement Award for significant contribution internationally to the field of Refractive Surgery.

The conference was held in Chicago, USA across a three day period. The conference included lectures from some of the brightest minds in Ophthalmology as well as the latest in clinical and research developments in refractive, cataract, cornea and lens-based surgery with ISRS.

Sheraz Daya and fellow award winners

On Friday morning, Centre For Sight founder and surgeon, Sheraz Daya was presented with the award in front of his colleagues and took to Instagram to thank the American Academy of Ophthalmology (a partner of the ISRS) as well as members of the ISRS for the award.

“humbled and honoured to receive the award”

Sheraz Daya via Instagram

From all of us here at Centre for Sight, we’d like to say a huge congratulations for this incredible honour. This award comes after a string of achievements from Sheraz Daya, as he travels around the world spreading his knowledge and attending multiple conferences across the globe!

Check out his post here.