London Centre

Centre for Sight London is based in the Harley Street enclave at 14 Queen Anne St., Suite 2. It has just undergone a major refurbishment and is fully equipped technologically. For your convenience, consultations and follow up care is provided at this location as well as Yag laser procedures.

Other surgical procedures including Lasik Laser eye surgery, Laser Lens Replacement  (or natural lens replacement), Laser Cataract Surgery, Femtosecond Laser corneal transplants and others are performed in either Oxshott (Surrey) or East Grinstead (West Sussex) in state of the art operating theatres that exceed the minimal required standards. Both locations  are stand-alone buildings dedicated to only eye care with no other specialities like private and general hospitals.  Convenient car parking is also available at both locations.


14 Queen Anne St, Suite 2, London, W1G 9LG

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