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Laser Eye Surgery

We enjoy providing our patients phenomenal visual outcomes beyond their expectations. Safety tops our list of values and reflected in our standards and care pathway. Well known for Experience, Expertise and Reputation, Centre for Sight takes great pride in setting high standards of care for others to follow.

  1. UK’s longest provider of Lasik laser eye surgery
  2. Surgeon-led care from initial consultation through surgery to aftercare
  3. Bespoke tailored treatment for each eye with data verification and virtual online simulation at consultation
  4. Correction of Shortsight, Farsight, Astigmatism and now Presbyopia (the need for reading glasses)
  5. Doctors are on call 24 hours, 7 days a week
  6. Centre for Sight is often the 1st choice for many doctors and eye surgeons
  7. Accredited ISO 9001 – one of only two eye care providers in the UK
  8. Environmentally conscious and UK’s only ISO 14001 accredited eye care provider
  9. ISO 27001 accredited for IT Governance and Information Security Certification
  10. An Award-winning organization
  11. Referral centre for remedial care of problems from other laser eye centres

Centre for Sight’s medical director Sheraz Daya popularised and introduced Lasik into the UK in 1995. He also in 2004 introduced the Intralase femtosecond laser which eliminated the need for blades for flap creation. The procedure IntraLASIK- is now the gold standard for Lasik. Laser vision correction at Centre for Sight is practiced with an obsessive attention to detail with absolutely no compromise. Laser eye surgery is NOT a commodity, it is a surgical procedure. Sadly many are enticed by pricing, “offers” and deals, rather than the surgeons experience and expertise.

Not all laser eye centres are the same and be aware Laser Eye Surgery is NOT REGULATED, so make sure that you make the right choice.

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Accuracy of Laser Eye Surgery

Lasers work at incredibly accurate levels. To give you an idea, they can treat to the accuracy of 25/1000 of a millimetre, that is half the width of a human hair – very small. At Centre for Sight, surgeons specifically tailor laser treatments to each eye uniquely microscopically altering shape of your cornea to not just correct but enhance your vision.

Experience – Centre for Sight

Now over 20 years old, Laser eye surgery has been revolutionary for many. Centre for Sight surgeons have performed laser eye surgery since 1990 and introduced Lasik and Intralase Lasik (Intralasik) to the UK. Besides being the longest provider of Lasik in the UK, Centre for Sight has many other differentiating factors:

  • Every evaluation is performed directly by a Surgeon– this is the most important aspect of care and the key to our success. Only a surgeon will be able to evaluate the eye from a surgical perspective, taking into consideration all possibilities. Anything less is a compromise. Furthermore the level of expertise is very high and all surgeons at our Centre are fellowship-trained (super-speciality trained) in Cornea and Refractive Surgery.

’Every evaluation is performed personally by a surgeon’

  • IntraLasik Laser eye surgery using the Intralase femtosecond laser was introduced to the UK by Centre for Sight in 2004. Uncompromising and safer, ALL Lasik patients at Centre for Sight undergo surgery with Intralase. While there are many sub-types of laser eye surgery offered (PRK LASEK, LASIK), the choice of procedure will be made by our surgeons in discussion with you and after in-depth investigation and consultation taking into consideration your eyesight, eye health, correction as well as occupation, lifestyle and interests. We look after you as well as your eyes!
  • Surgeons to other eye Surgeons! Eye surgeons, Opticians and Doctors regularly bring their family or themselves for treatment at Centre for Sight, some travelling internationally. This is the ultimate attestation of excellence a centre can have.
  • Centre for Sight has an international reputation for repairing complications of laser eye surgery from other centres. Don’t take our word for it, search online and you will find ample evidence. Best to undergo eye care by experts in the business.
  • Availability 24/7– we look after our patients and as providers of medical and surgical care understand the need for patients to be able to contact us in the case of an emergency.
  • Exceed minimum standards– Centre for Sight prides itself in setting standards for medical and surgical care including Laser eye Surgery. We regularly exceed minimum required standards as we believe surgery should be as safe as possible. Eye surgeons regularly visit to learn from our surgeons at Centre for Sight.
  • ISO 9001 and 14001 accredited. Very few providers in the UK hold this type of certification which externally verifies the high standards of care provision at Centre for Sight.
  • 0% Interest Finance: Affordable high-end Laser and Lasik surgery using Intralase is made possible with finance plans** **(Terms and conditions apply)

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So where do you get started? If you have all the information for Laser Vision Correction, start at our IntraLasik FAQ page to learn about questions we get asked about IntraLasik and the Centre for Sight difference.

How much does LASIK Laser eye surgery cost? At Centre for Sight our goal is to keep pricing simple and as far as possible within a global or package rate.  The cost of laser eye surgery are the same irrespective of the level of prescription and for those who have not had previous vision correction surgery. More on laser eye surgery prices

Would you like to learn more? Attend one of our Lectures “Vision correction in the 21st Century” where you will meet previous patients, surgeons and the Centre for Sight team. Have all your questions answered and get a glimpse of the environment and ultra-high-technology at the Centre. Book your space.

*This will serve as a guide only. It does not replace a thorough consultation by an ophthalmic surgeon who will determine what options are best for you.