Centre for Sight Founder and Medical Director, Sheraz Daya appointed as Trustee/Board Member to Orbis UK

Congratulations to Centre for Sight Founder and Medical Director, Sheraz Daya who has been appointed as Trustee/Board Member to Orbis UK.

Orbis is a not-for-profit organisation whose mission is to fight avoidable blindness. The organisation is well known for starting life as the “Flying Eye Hospital” with an operating theatre and teaching facilities on board an aircraft. Orbis continues to fly and has expanded its activities to include on the ground education in countries where there is a need. Orbis uses very advanced technology using virtual and augmented reality with simulators to train eye surgeons to provide safe sight-saving techniques.

For Sheraz Daya joining Orbis means a great deal. As someone who grew up in Tanzania, he has seen first-hand the impact of blindness and, over the last 30 years, has been involved in education and mission trips to several low-income to lower-middle-income countries, including Tanzania, India, and Burma.

Even more meaningful is that one of Mr. Daya’s main mentors, David Paton MD who trained him in New York, was the person who against all odds and opinions, conceived and founded Project Orbis.

Mr Daya, besides contributing to educational programmes hopes to use his influence with the ophthalmic and technological industries to help develop and promote Orbis activities in meeting its mission.

For more information on Orbis, visit https://gbr.orbis.org/en

Those wishing to donate to this very worthy cause can do so here https://secure.orbis.org/

Let’s all work together to “Save Sight and Change Lives”

 Pictured right to left, Sheraz Daya MD, David Paton MD, Doug Koch MD, Richard Lindstrom MD