Tracy Laws

Tracy was cautious and apprehensive for over a decade, before deciding to go through with laser lens replacement. She was extremely satisfied with the success of the experience at Centre for Sight and her surgeon Mr Sheraz Daya.

Tracy was delighted to share her thoughts.

How was your Centre for Sight experience?

It’s been brilliant, everyone has been so polite and lovely. Now I can get out of my bed and I don’t have to reach for any glasses.

I could not see with nothing on my eyes, so to be able to wake up and look at my alarm clock and actually see the time without reaching for my glasses has made such a big difference. It’s the best thing I’ve ever spent my money on.

“Dr Daya I could not thank him enough because he’s actually given me my sight.”

How was your vision before Laser Lens Replacement Surgery?

Before surgery I was wearing contact lenses and glasses. My contact lens prescription was 12.50 diopters which was very high!

11 years ago I was having my contacts checked like I do every year, and my opticians mentioned about having Lens Replacement done. However I backed out last minute!

The last few years whilst I’ve gone to collect my contact lens prescription, I had been asked about eye treatment. They mentioned Dr Daya and said he is the best person to go and would provide excellent results.

When I arrived home I went online and book an appointment right away. I wanted to go to someone very recommended like Mr Daya and Centre for Sight.

Message to Centre for Sight…

If anyone is thinking of having lens replacement done then I would definitely recommend Centre for Sight. I wasn’t able to learn to swim before as my eyesight was so bad, but now I have the opportunity too.

It’s the best thing I’ve ever done and I would not go with anyone else. Centre for Sight treat you brilliantly.

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