Timothy Thornton

Timothy Thornton – Centre for Sight patient

“It has changed my life. I can now SEE… I don’t know why I was hanging around before with my glasses…”

Timothy Thornton
Solicitor from Tonbridge, Kent

My vision after the procedure at Centre for Sight is absolutely perfect… could not be better!

I am thrilled. Excellent! It has changed by life – I can now SEE… which before I was looking through a various weird glasses, now its crystal clear.

The main reason I had the eye surgery because I felt unsafe behind the wheel of the car as I could not see anything. Also, as I am a lawyer, I use my eyes a lot in my work for reading and looking into the computer screen.

And I was getting fed up of having my glasses on and off all the time.

I was recommended by one of my friends who got her eyes treated here as well. And after her successful surgery and remarkable success she encouraged me to go and see Mr. Daya which I did.

“I don’t know why I was hanging around before with my glasses.”

It was absolutely perfect. Previously, I was dreading having my eye surgery done but I realised it was totally painless and very quick.

It was brilliant!! I would highly recommend Centre for Sight.

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