Nick Smart

“I cannot emphasise what a difference the corneal graft has made to my quality of life.”

Nick Smart
Centre for Sight Patient

I first saw Mr Daya in 2009, having discussed a newsletter article he had contributed to with my optometrist. At my initial consultation Mr Daya explained the condition of my cornea in my right eye and as I was using “piggy back lenses” and my tolerance was good I should continue as is and see him regularly.

Over the course of 5 years my tolerance deteriorated as my right cornea continued to thin. In November 2014 it was agreed a partial corneagraph was now necessary. The procedure took place at the Centre for Sight in East Grinstead, a modern purpose built clinic.

Although slightly anxious there was no need as the care from the team was 5 star! The procedure was completely painless and the local anaesthetic meant you were soon up and about.

The following day on return to the clinic my bandage was removed and the level of sight, unaided, in my right eye was remarkable. I have had Keratoconus since I was 15 and whilst my left cornea settled in my 30’s my right cornea continued to steepen. As a result my sight unaided was minimal, people and objects blurred, reading was only possible if the book was at the end of my nose.

In the weeks following my procedure my sight in my right eye has continued to improve, I can see people, objects and even watch the TV unaided whilst resting my left eye by taking my lens out. I haven’t been able to do this for 35 years.

It is 5 weeks on from my procedure but I cannot emphasise what a difference the corneal graph has made to my quality of life. I would stress to anyone struggling with lens tolerance as a result of Keratoconus to visit the Centre for Sight. The care and professionalism they have provided me is second to none and of course the unique procedure My Daya uses improve significantly the recovery and reduces the risk of corneal rejection.