The Doctor’s Doctor

One of the most common questions we are asked is “Do Eye Surgeons and Doctors have vision correction surgery?”

Doctors – in particular eye surgeons, have flown from different continents to be taken care of by our team at Centre for Sight. It is our pleasure to introduce some eye surgeons who have had surgery with us.

Dr R. Dasgupta, General Practitioner, Surrey

“I have greater confidence after having Laser Cataract Surgery with Trifocal lenses. I no longer need glasses and able to do all activities with ease.”

Retired General Practitioner R. Dasgupta from Surrey underwent Laser Cataract surgery with Sheraz Daya after his vision became blurred and hindered his day to day activities. It was his wife, a patient at Centre for Sight, who made his decision easier due to the success of her Cataract treatment 7 years ago.With his driving, writing, reading and general computer hobbies becoming harder over the years, his decision to have multifocal lenses has provided him with great vision at short, intermediate and long distance, and he is now glasses free.

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Dr Dasgupta shares his Laser Cataract experience

Mei-Lian Hoe, Doctor, Surrey

“Having laser eye surgery has been one of the best investments I’ve made to date, offering freedom that is so often taken for granted.”

Having Dr Mei-Lian Hoe underwent Laser eye surgery at Centre for Sight after being recommended by her father Wilbert Hoe, a retired corneo-refractive ophthalmologist.

After being short-sighted and astigmatic from the age of 10, she was excited to be free from glasses and contact lenses to pursue an active lifestyle without second thought to her eyesight.

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Shivanthy Ratnarajan, GP, IntraLASIK

Recommended by her eye surgeon husband, Dr. Ratnarajan, a General Practitioner (GP) from Buckinghamshire recently had IntraLASIK at Centre for Sight. Her husband was absolutely certain that the only place where his wife was going to go was Centre for Sight and under the care of Sheraz Daya and in his words “The BEST in the industry”. Dr. Ratnarajan is thrilled with her outcome and cannot wait to go Scuba diving! She is busy recommending Centre for Sight to all her GP colleagues.

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Samir Alvi, Aeromedical Examiner and Occupational Physician, UK

“As a UK based physician I was keen to optimise my vision. The care I received was exemplary and having achieved a fantastic result I would have no hesitation in recommending the Centre for Sight”

Samir Alvi underwent IntraLASIK Wavefront Aspheric Laser Eye Surgery at Centre for Sight.

Dr Alvi has had over 12 years experience as an Occupational Physician, and holds the Diploma in Occupational Medicine from the Royal College of Physicians. He is also a member of the Aerospace Medical Association USA, an Associate Member of the Airlines Medical Directors Association, the Royal College of General Practitioners, the Royal Society of Medicine (Occupational Medicine Section) and the Society of Occupational Medicine.

Samir Alvi with Sheraz Daya

Trond Thilesen, Eye Surgeon, Norway

Having travelled from Oslo in Norway, Eye Surgeon Trond (centre) was adamant that he wished to find a centre that shared the same surgical values as himself, and he chose Centre for Sight. Having now had the procedure he can see the long term benefits even clearer – especially when talking to his potential patients.

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Trond Thilesen

“I know that my positive experience in switching roles from surgeon to patient will benefit my own patients and yes, I have already recommended the procedure to other colleagues.”

YY Choong, Eye Surgeon, Malaysia

Mr Choong an eye surgeon from Malaysia, visited Centre for Sight looking for vision correction. The surgery was carried out by our Medical Director Sheraz Daya. Two days later Dr. Choong was himself performing Lasik and Cataract Surgery on his own patients in Malaysia!

YY Choong

Siew-Yin Then, Eye Surgeon, Australia Saj Khan, Eye Surgeon, UK

Dr. SY then an eye surgeon specialising in oculoplastic surgery, based in Australia decided it was time she herself underwent Laser eye surgery and chose Centre for Sight.

Saj Khan – previously one of our own Centre for Sight surgeons was also treated by Sheraz Daya at Centre for Sight.

Siew-Yin Then

Stephen Gichuhi, Eye Surgeon, Kenya

Stephen Gichuhi, himself a well known Corneal and Anterior Segment ophthalmic surgeon in Kenya underwent Laser eye surgery at Centre for Sight. Here he is pictured immediately after his procedure.

Stephen Gichuhi, Eye Surgeon, Kenya

Numerous eye care professionals including opticians,  optometrists, ophthalmologists as well as doctors and their families come to Centre for Sight for their care. Being in “the know”, it is very flattering that we are their preferred choice and we are very thankful.

Learn more about why Centre for Sight is the doctor’s choice by coming to see us in consultation.