Captain Alan Carmichael

The Carmichael’s story

We at Centre for Sight feel very privileged to have helped a father and daughter, Alan and Alana, helping them to achieve 20/20 vision. We also feel very privileged to have met Anne, Alan’s wife and Alana’s mother, who has supported her family throughout their journey with us. Anne even watched Alana’s Live surgery, which was broadcast to a room of Ophthalmologists.

Both Alan and Alana were found suitable for Implantable Contact Lenses, a reversible procedure that is an alternative to laser eye surgery. Below is Anne, Alan and Alana’s story to perfect vision:

Anne’s story

I would start by saying that Alan and Alana’s experiences were very similar from the outset. Both of them went with a view to having laser surgery done only to find that they were both not suitable.

“I would definitely have surgery myself if I needed it in the future.”

In Alan’s case we had never even heard of the alternative which was the ICL and to be honest it sounded very scary at that time and we really had to give it a lot of thought. We asked if anyone we knew had even heard of it and we could only find people who had been for laser surgery. We quickly decided that he would go for it and Alan went ahead. At that time it was performed at the Mcindoe Centre at the Queen Victoria hospital and he had one eye done first and the second eye done one year later due to both the nature of his job and his poor sight.

In Alana’s case we were once again disappointed that she could not have laser surgery done but to be honest I think we knew she would also have to have the ICL done. Having talked to her dad and seen how well he could now see this was not as scary as it would have been for her had Alan not had it done. Coming to the new purpose built building and having one eye done on the Monday followed by a check up on Tuesday, second eye done on Wednesday and check up done on Thursday seemed so quick and not as long and drawn out as Alan’s although we understood the reasons behind Alan having such a long time in between each procedure.

I really felt privileged to be able to watch the laser surgery and also Alana’s ICL procedure being carried out. I knew she was in good hands with Dr Daya and found it fascinating how quickly and painlessly both procedures were performed.

I think most people would expect and probably want to be knocked out for such invasive surgery but when you see how well the patients are so very quickly after the surgery it makes absolute sense to only be sedated. I also knew Alana was not in any pain as she had told me from the previous Monday that she was aware of what was going on but could not feel any discomfort.

“I really felt priviledged to be able to watch…”

I found watching both the laser and the ICL procedures fascinating. I did think to myself will this be weird watching Alana’s eyeball being cut and her new lens inserted but felt at ease as I could see she was so calm and so obviously not in any discomfort whatsoever.

After surgery Alana was chirpy and so relieved that it was all over at least till the next eye on the Wednesday. She was very comfortable that night and had a good sleep and was amazed to wake up the next morning able to see. The second eye went just as well as the first and Alana is following the eye-drop routine daily.

She is so bright and happy to be able to have such clear vision and enjoys telling us all the things she can see now that she could not before. She enjoyed reading the number-plates of the cars in front of us on route to Centre for sight the day after her surgery when we were coming back for her check up. She is amazed how clear everything is and said it is like someone has switched on HD for her. She is much more confident and loves the fact that she could throw her horrible thick glasses in the bin.

I would definitely have surgery myself if I needed it in the future.

Anne Carmichael

Alan’s story

After 42 years of very poor sight, 11 tortureous years of thick glasses and 26 years of wearing hard contact lenses i decided the time had come for a radical change. After a 2 year secondment to the middle east and many days and nights spent in the desert my mind was made up it was time to look at my options. I contacted Centre for Sight after trawling the internet and decided to go to a seminar.

I was very impressed with the whole set up and booked myself in for a consultation with Mr Sheraz Dayer. After my consultation which revealed that I was not a suitable candidate for laser surgery I was given the option of ICL and spent some time reading the literature provided. At first this sounded like a very invasive step but after some thought I decided to go ahead with this option.

“Life changing experience.”

I initially had one eye done, my worst eye and can only describe the outcome as truly amazing. It was absolutely pain free and I was able to read a letter chart down to the bottom for the first time in my whole life. All this was done in a very short time most of the day was spent having drops inserted into my eye the actual operation lasted fifteen minutes or so.I was advised to leave my other eye for a period of six months to make sure there were no problems with the first one of which there were none. I had my second eye operated on in exactly the same way and had exactly the same fantastic results.

“I have no problems with the elements in either jungle or desert surroundings.”

My eyes have now been subjected to the ultimate tests 1 Month living in the Belizian Jungle and 2 Months on operations in Afganistan, I have had no problems with the elements in either jungle or desert suroundings, with the worry of loss of lenses totally eradicated not to mention the 20/20 Vision.

It has now been a year since my initial operation and I have had a yearly checkup which went very well and my eyes have given me no problems ever since.

My only regret is that I did not have this treatment much earlier in my life. Thank you to Mr Sheraz Daya and his professional medical support team for this life changing experience.

Alan Carmichael

Alana’s story

I have been wearing contact lenses since I was 7, due to being very short sighted and having a high astigmatism. Recently at the age of 22, I began to have problems with them and I didn’t want to have to resort back to wearing glasses full time. Having seen the difference in my dad after he had ICL, I was sure it would be beneficial for me too, so decided that it would probably be the best option for me.

After speaking with my dad I wasn’t nervous about the procedure, just a little anxious about being awake and aware of what was going on throughout the operation. But in actual fact, I quite enjoyed knowing what was going on around me and it also meant there wasn’t a long recovery period after the procedure, like there is if you were put to sleep.

“Being able to see as soon as I open my eyes, it’s incredible!”

On the day I was having my second eye done it was being filmed and streamed live to a group of optometrists for training on the procedure. This didn’t phase me much as the operation was exactly the same as the first one, so I was quite happy with everyone to watch. I also later found out my mum had watched it live, which I found quite comforting as I knew it meant she knew I was in good hands with Dr Daya.

“I was in good hands with Mr Daya”

I chose the Centre for Sight as my dad had recommended it after having his own ICL treatment carried out with them and spoke very highly of Dr Daya and the whole team. And after my own experience, I would also highly recommend Centre for Sight to anyone who is thinking of having the treatment done, as it has completely changed my life. I still haven’t got used to waking up and being able to see as soon as I open my eyes, it’s incredible!

Alana Carmichael