Rohit Nathaniel

Rohit was extremely satisfied with the success of his Implantable Contact Lens (ICL) procedure more than 10 years ago by Mr Sheraz Daya and his overall experience at Centre for Sight from start to finish. Rohit was thereby delighted to share his journey.

Why did you choose Centre for Sight?

My neighbour had his vision corrected with Mr Daya and mentioned how Centre for Sight changed his life. My dad also recommended Mr Daya after coming across his name in a magazine.

Since your eyes are one of your five senses, it is important to research and get the right surgeon for best results. Due to Mr Daya’s reputation I wasn’t nervous at all. I was confident with my decision and booked in for my consultation.

How was your vision before ICL procedure? How did it change after…

My vision was absolutely terrible! I was in excess of minus 10 diopters in both eyes while my astigmatism was very poor.

This meant I was restricted in various activities like contact sports and Thai boxing. I used to be a regular swimmer which became a problem as I could not wear contact lenses in the pool.More than a decade after the ICL procedure, my vision is perfect. My vision is 20/20 or 20/25 now and there is no need for any further vision correction.

“I have now enrolled myself at the Thailand Fight Academy this Easter.”

“Not having to wear contact lenses is absolutely fantastic!!!”

How was your overall experience?


Absolutely superb, the consultation and surgery with Mr Daya was obviously superb. The follow-up appointments have equally been very good and thorough. The admin during my entire Centre for Sight journey has been professional and informative at each stage.

Absolutely life changing experience and thank you very much for everything!

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