Alex B.

Alex was keen to have Laser eye surgery after struggling with vision at school and his day-to-day leisure activities. After his LASIK procedure at Centre for Sight, he was thrilled with the results and the fast turnaround from his initial phone enquiry to treatment and was delighted to share his thoughts.

How was your vision before LASIK?

I’ve had glasses for about 15 years now and first got them when I was in secondary school.  I remember sitting in class and the pen on the whiteboard just looked like it was running out all the time.  It was all very blurry till I had glasses. That’s when I realised it was just my eye sight and it just got worse and worse from then on.

Only in the last 2-3 years I had contact lenses because my vision was getting extremely bad.  I was not able to do any normal activity without wearing my glasses or contact lenses. Everything was blurry and I did not have a great sense of depth perception.

How is your vision after LASIK?

Usually in the morning I look around my room, and as my first instinct I grab my glasses to put them on to be able to see. The day after my laser eye surgery procedure it was just strange and it didn’t occur to me that I could wake up and see my DVD’s, Xbox games, books straight away without reaching for my glasses. I can now look around freely and even read what’s on the bottle of aftershave placed on the other side of the room.

Alex B from East Sussex shares his Laser eye surgery experience

“My near, intermediate and far vision drastically improved just the day after LASIK treatment”

Whereas before that was never an option, I was always having to put my glasses on. I can now see everyone’s faces and facial expressions which is very satisfying.

I thought to myself “This is what it is like to have normal vision” that is so cool.

How was your Centre for Sight experience?

During my initial call to Centre for Sight, I was told I could come for my consultation next Tuesday.   If I was found suitable, I could have my laser eye surgery on Wednesday following week, which for me was perfect!

I needed a quick turnaround time, but I knew it was not going to be rushed.  The checks were very thorough as necessary too.

So essentially it was exactly 3 weeks from when I first enquired about having Laser eye surgery and 3 weeks later I had it done! A very quick turnaround time and obviously the day after, the results are better than I could have imagined, it’s been amazing!!!

A big thank you to Ms Marcela Espinosa and all staff at Centre for Sight for taking care of me.

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