Patient stories about Laser Eye Surgery

*All original reviews by patients are filed and available for verification

Kayleigh Marsh

08 Jun 2016

My vision was quite poor before the laser eye surgery at Centre for Sight. I was -4.75 in left eye and -5.75 in the right eye with both eyes having...

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Wendy Colson

10 Mar 2016

Very pleased with the results that I have achieved from the laser eye surgery procedure. I cannot believe how clearly I can see. I don’t have to...

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Hutchinson Family

25 Aug 2015

Lovely Yorkshire couple - Emily and Chris had Laser Vision Correction at Centre for Sight. They were excited to share their experiences. Emily: "I...

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Abigail Mumba

14 Jul 2015

When I search on the internet for Laser Eye Surgery few years ago, the first article in the Daily Mail appeared regarding Centre for Sight CFS in...

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Ben Leow

6 Jul 2015

Absolutely amazing... I feel Wonderful!!! The improvement in my vision is miraculous after my IntraLASIK Surgery with Ms. Marcela Espinosa-Lagana. ...

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Katie Giddings

24 Jun 2015

Absolutely amazing... Fantastic... Terrific... can't think of any other words… well I can think of many but Just "BLOWN AWAY"!!! It's the best thing...

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