Claire Gavin

Claire Gavin – Centre for Sight patient

“My sight was deteriorating and my nearsight used to be a real problem. The procedure at Centre for Sight has changed my life.”

Claire Gavin
Office Clerk from Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex

My vision now is lot better than it was before. Previously I had to keep finding my glasses and because I could not read without them.

My sight was deteriorating and my near sight used to be real problem, my right eye in particular. The procedure at Centre for Sight has changed my life.

As I love cooking, I used to find it very frustrating to find my glasses and not being able to just pick up food packets to check the ingredients.

At work I had to use my glasses to look at my computer screen and take them off when I go to pick up a print and put them on again when I am back to my desk.

These are all little things that add up to be really annoying during the day. Also, if I ever forgot my glasses to a restaurant I would not want to rely on someone else to read me the menu – that was really annoying.

My friend had her lenses replaced at another place a couple of years before I had the courage to go for mine. She had a good experience and did not need to use her glasses again.

I went to one of the appointments with her and I kind of knew what was going on. And I was hopeful that it was the same treatment I would need. That encouraged me to contact Centre for Sight.

I wanted to initially look around to see if I am at the right place rather than just going to a high street provider. I did a lot of research on the internet and saw Mr. Daya was on top of his field.

My friend always had to go to London to get her treatment and follow-up and when I went with her I saw she was very tired on the way back, by changing trains and by the time we got home, she felt sick and ill. It was very stressful.

I just wanted to go to some place where it was easy to be driven to and not have to worry about travelling.

My experience at Centre for Sight was good. I was not nervous as I had seen my friend’s treatment.

“It was absolutely pain-free and I would say to someone if I had more eyes, I would have them all done because it was just so easy and I really enjoyed the week of my treatment.”

My husband was off work that week and he was taking me around and he was looking after me. It was very relaxing.

It was nerve wrecking before taking the bandage off the next day after surgery because you never know a 100% if you will be able to see. But apart from that I thoroughly enjoyed the entire journey.

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