Martin Holder

Martin was apprehensive at first to go through Laser Lens Replacement procedure with our consultant Lucia Pelosini. After the treatment, he was extremely happy with the outcome and satisfied with the whole experience at Centre for Sight – laser eye surgery.

What was your vision like before having Lens Replacement and how it affected your life?

My vision was quite poor and I had been wearing reading glasses for 17 years. In the last 18 months I had noticed my distance vision was going, and I couldn’t read car numbers plates etc.

The inconvenience of having to pick-up glasses to read things, in particular with my job as a Chartered Accountant and in my leisure time; restoring motorcycles, having to hang glasses off the end of my nose and risking them falling off; was just a big fuzzy mess.

Why did you choose to have your Laser Lens Replacement procedure at Centre for Sight?

At my annual routine appointment with my Optician, they said I was going to have to wear glasses all the time. Giving me the options of either Varifocals or two pairs of glasses. I then thought to myself, I don’t want to wear glasses all the time. Fortunately, the Optician recommended coming to you, which was great; as you are only 5 miles away from where I live.

So, when I came down here and had all the tests done, and was told I was suitable for Laser Lens Exchange with AT Trifocal lenses, which meant I could have my short and long distances corrected. I was ecstatic and went ahead to have it done.

On the day of the first operation, I was quite apprehensive at first; although not nervous. But amazingly it was so easy and comfortable, the staff made me feel really relaxed and had it done with no drama. So, when I had the second one done, I had no worries; what so ever and everything was fine.

Your Centre for Sight experience…

It has been really good, right from day one when I made the first phone call. Very professional and made me feel totally relaxed. I was well informed on what was going on, as staffs talked me through everything. Therefore, I am very satisfied with the whole experience at Centre for Sight.

There was not a particular thing that I could not do before that I can do now, just that everything has been made so much easier. Hence not having to worry about losing or misplacing my glasses.

I am ever so grateful, thank you so much.

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