Good outcomes are dependent on a number of factors. Surgeons providing care are supported by a team of nurses and technicians. Technology however is vital both in terms of diagnostics as well as delivery. At Centre for Sight we acquire whatever technology we believe will be of benefit to our patients in terms of improving accuracy and safety.

As a renowned centre of excellence and a reference site for the industry we are fortunate to always be up to date. As you will see from some of the information in this section, we are very well equipped at Centre for Sight. We also make a significant contribute through our own innovation and instrumentation as well as advising the ophthalmic industry on where they should direct further development.

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Diagnostic technology is used to assess the eye and a number of devices are used for different components of the eye examination.

At Centre for Sight we often use several different devices to measure the same thing e.g corneal shape and eye length. We do this to ensure there is no error whatsoever – a bit of a “belt and braces” approach.

It is not possible to detail every technology available however after a consultation at Centre for Sight you will be absolutely confident about the standards of care being provided and experience the technology yourself. Once all tests are performed, surgeons will evaluate the information, examine your eyes and come up with a customised / tailored treatment plan to suit you and each eye.

Centre for Sight recently contributed to diagnostic evaluation with newly devised report created with industry leader Nidek. A diagnostic report / printout from the Nidek OPD III helps guide the surgeon in terms of what operation is best along with what type of implant as well as how this should be orientated.

More information is available under CFS Innovations.

CFS Innovations

Centre for Sight surgeons have been developing new techniques and technology for 20+ years. This includes instrumentation for Lasik laser eye surgery, corneal transplantation and more recently femtosecond laser cataract surgery. A new technique “Translenticular Hydrodissection” was developed at Centre for Sight and has helped surgeons worldwide perform laser cataract and lens replacement surgery. CFS Innovations.

Therapeutic Technology

Surgeons must have the ability and experience to perform good surgery and obtain good outcomes. However technology plays a great part and having access to up to date and well maintained devices is important. Centre for Sight has a relationship with a number of companies including Bausch + Lomb – Technolas, Abbot Medical Optics, Zeiss- Meditec, Physiol, Staar Surgical, Nidek, Tear Science and many others. Some of the important lasers as well as diagnostics that integrate with them are described in the section Treatment Technology.