Centre for Sight Doctors help Ukrainian Teacher, Blinded by Missiles

Centre for Sight doctors pleased to help Ukrainian patient in restoring her eyesight, Olena Kurylo, after she was blinded by Russian missile attacks in the Ukraine.

After a photo went viral across the world showing her bandaged face, the Daily Mail stepped into action to help her flee the warzone to undergo specialist treatment. Three emergency operations were performed in Poland to try and bring back some of her sight with some success, but unfortunately, this did not last. Polish doctors concluded they were unable to save the sight in her right eye – and could do no more for her.

Now, thanks to many donations and help from Centre for Sight, ‘world-leading surgeons’ Tom Williamson and Sheraz Daya from Centre for Sight told her last week they believe they can regain her vision. Ms Kurylo, who wept with joy when specialist Professor Tom Williamson broke the news, said: “He has given me hope for my eye and my life, and hope is very important”.

Ms Kurylo was then granted access to the UK where she met with her Centre for Sight surgeons for a consultation.

After three operations, Ms Kurylo’s eye now needs a rest from surgery. Under Prof Williamson’s care, she will have another consultation in at Centre for Sight in October and an operation in January.

Eye specialist, Tom Williamson commented “I was pleased to see that the eye has visual potential better than we first anticipated. There is still a way to go, and risks along the way, but there is a good chance of obtaining some useful vision in the long term”.

The story has since been shared across multiple news platforms including the Daily Mail and has been published in their newspaper late August.

We look forward to welcoming Ms Kurylo for her surgery at Centre for Sight and will do all we can to help.

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