Of Love & Lasers

When Sheraz M. Daya and Marcela Espinosa-Lagana, founders of Centre for Sight, met in 1997 they never imagined that they would eventually run their own business as Medical Directors, let alone run one so successful. Ms Espinosa-Lagana was a medical advisor and application specialist for LaserSight when Mr Daya first laid eyes on her after buying an excimer laser from the company.

Eighteen months after they first met, Sheraz and Marcela were married, and the laser was returned. Marcela later joined the Centre for Sight practice.

25 years on, Marcela now works as an ophthalmologist in the practice 4 days a week, working in the background and overseeing her own patients. Sheraz works fulltime with a heavy clinical load and dealing primarily with direction and strategy across their three locations in Sussex, Surrey and London.

After seamlessly blending their personal and professional lives when they met at work more than 25 years ago, Marcela and Sheraz have successfully formed a family-run business into a world-class eye clinic. With clients travelling from across the globe to undergo specialist treatment, speaking worldwide in numerous countries about the work at Centre for Sight and having won multiple awards, their private eye hospital has truly become one of a phenomenon. From overcoming challenges in building their flagship centres to enjoying the rewards of family and medical success, their enduring partnership stands as a testament in shaping both their relationship and the growth of Centre for Sight since 1996.

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