We are pleased to now offer remote e-Consultations.

Whilst we are unable to accommodate routine appointments for patients in our facilities during the COVID-19 outbreak we are pleased to now offer remote e-Consultations.  We believe it is important to allow us to continue to provide care and medical opinion to new and existing patients during this time, and is a service we foresee remaining commonplace within healthcare for the long term.

The issue of confidentiality and patient safety is important as is compliance with GDPR. Our patient portal CFS Club has been in operation for 2 years and is a vital component of e-Consultation. There are limitations with regards to e-Consultations and it is therefore important that our Terms and Conditions are read carefully.

What is an e-Consultation?

  1. An e-Consultation with Centre for Sight is a medical appointment with a Consultant Ophthalmologist conducted via a video-call (we use a platform called: doxy.me).
  2. The appointment will be similar to what you would experience in our clinics.
  3. The Consultant will look to examine your eyes and to provide their expert opinion to you by asking you questions. You will also complete some simple tests at home prior to the appointment for the Consultant to refer to.
  4. You will be able to ask any questions you may have and the Consultant will look to advise you on the appropriate action for your care.
  5. We do not set a time limit as to how long the appointment will last, and should you need to be seen in a face to face appointment following the e-Consultation either as an emergency or a routine appointment arrangements will be made for you.

Who can be assessed by e-Consultation?

All patients can be evaluated by e-Consultation. This includes existing patients, eye emergencies and new patients who have cataract or seeking vision correction surgery. Agreement to the Terms and Conditions (button below) will be necessary prior to consultation.

How do I book an e-Consultation?

  1. Please contact Centre for Sight by either clicking on the button below, or by calling 0800 0112882 especially if your concern is urgent.
  2. A dedicated member of the Centre for Sight team will discuss the nature of your eye condition and your medical history with you, as well as answer any concerns you may have.
  3. Our advisor will confirm an appointment time with you and discuss the information required prior to your appointment. They will explain how to access your documents via CFS Club, our online patient portal, and guide you through how to use doxy.me.
  4. We will provide you with guidance on how to complete some simple preliminary tests and instructions on how to take photographs of your eye prior to your appointment, which you can send to us via the CFS Club.