Katie Piper’s Kind Words Following Surgery At Centre For Sight

Katie Piper, a long standing patient of Centre for Sight, came in recently for emergency surgery following a ‘black hole’ in one of her eyes.

The story has reached thousands across the UK and internationally with the story being featured on multiple news outlets.

The TV personality posted on Instagram saying “On Saturday my husband noticed a small black circle in my blind eye, I was excited thinking I had a pupil again, but by Sunday my left eye was extremely painful and couldn’t tolerate light, so I patched it up and put it down to old injuries. I’m used to being in some level of discomfort and I went to work. By Sunday night I felt nausea and in extreme pain. I got in touch with my eye specialist @sherazdaya @centreforsightuk and unfortunately he confirmed the black circle was a hole in my eye and the eye had perforated. This had always been a fear that it would happen”.

She came in immediately to Centre for Sight where our founder and surgeon Sheraz Daya confirmed it was unfortunately the eye had perforated. The team here at Centre for Sight used their expertise to source emergency tissue and operate quickly to alleviate the symptoms and patch the perforation.

“Yesterday @sherazdaya sourced tissue for me and operated on me. I cannot thank him and his team enough, their knowledge and expertise but also how kind and caring they all are. There maybe some evil people in this world but there are also some pretty incredible people doing amazing things for people on a daily basis. Huge thank you team @sherazdaya @centreforsightuk You are the best! 🙏”.

Daily Mail Quickly Publishes The Story

The news was quickly picked up by multiple news outlets both in the UK and internationally. It has since been featured in the Daily Mail, The Sun and many others.

We thank Katie Piper for her kind words and wish her a speedy recovery. Here at Centre for Sight; once a patient, always a patient.

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