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Centre of Excellence - established 1996

UK's longest provider of LASIK laser eye surgery and amongst the most advanced private eye care establishments. As a World-Class provider of eye care, we concentrate on exceeding our patient's expectations both in outcomes and experience. Safety tops our list of values. We pride ourselves in setting standards for laser eye surgery which go well above and beyond the minimum required, treating our patients with the best customised care available - just as we ourselves would like to be treated.

With surgeons who are well known thought leaders in the field of laser eye surgery, laser lens replacement, cataract and corneal surgery you are in excellent hands. LASIK / IntraLASIK Laser Eye Surgery, Laser Refractive Lens Exchange or Lens replacement, Cataract surgery, Corneal Grafts, Stem Cell Transplants and Lens Implants including the ICL are some of the procedures performed at Centre for Sight. Find out more about treatments at Centre for Sight and what patients have to say.

What our patients say

  • Excellent Patient Care

    Corneal Graft procedure at Centre for Sight has transformed my sight completely. I suffered from Keratoconus and if I had not had the graft done on both eyes, I would have not been able to see at all.
    They have given their 110%. Read the full story...

    Katherine O’Boyle

    DALK Corneal Transplant
    Bank Official, Dublin - Ireland

  • Will change my life

    I was -4.75 in left eye and -5.75 in the right eye with both eyes having astigmatisms. I had been given glasses at the age of 8. Two days after surgery I had my post-operative consultation and I already had better than 20/20 vision! Read the full story...

    Kayleigh Marsh

    Laser Eye Surgery
    Medical Sales Representative, Maidstone – Kent

  • Well informed throughout

    Initially I was dreading having my eye surgery done, but I realised that it was totally painless and quick. It has changed my life... I can now SEE! Overall fantastic.

    Completely professional. Read the full story...

    Timothy Thornton

    Laser Cataract Extraction
    Consultant, Penshurst - Tonbridge

  • Extragalactic

    I was completely and utterly fed up with my soft and hard contact lenses. Now I feel like I've got new eyes. These Victus lenses are miraculous!!
    I am seeing better than I did since last 67 years. Read the full story...

    George Teideman

    Refractive Lens Replacement
    Retired Consultant, Isle of Scilly – Cornwall

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