Workaholism, Well-Being, and Compassion

Cataract and Refractive Surgery Today CRSTEurope  published an article by Sheraz M. Daya, Centre for Sight Medical Director, about the pressures many are experiencing to get their lives back to normal post-pandemic. This has led to a workaholic ethos, causing increased stress to the balance between work and family life. The article further elaborates on how compassionate care and empathy are powerful qualities, that benefit and break boundaries between healthcare professionals and patients.

The article highlights the difference between the workaholic behaviour, and the impact this has on our lives. Harvard Business Review’s research article highlights the consequences on health and productivity. The ultimate aim is to optimise our well-being through making a conscious effort to inspire change in our professional lives and squeeze in time for family and leisure.

Medication and mindfulness can play a big part to achieve a healthy work-life balance. Mr Daya also states to consider all aspects of humanism and compassion to combat the pressures of everyday life.

These qualities, along with empathy at many levels, are deeply rooted and frequently demonstrated by medical professionals to improve the lives of patients who are most in need.


Full Article https://crstodayeurope.com/articles/mar-2022/workaholism-well-being-and-compassion/


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