Implantable Contact lenses for Ketatoconus patients

Have you been told you are unsuitable for Laser eye surgery? Is your prescription too high to treat? Lens implants might well be an option for you…

“It was absolutely pain free and I was able to read a letter chart down to the bottom line for the first time in my whole life.”

Captain Alan Carmichael
Centre for Sight Patient

Lens implants – a British invention by Sir Harold Ridley dates back to soon after the 2nd World War, has revolutionised eye surgery providing patients with correctable vision without the need for thick glasses.

There are two main categories of implants:

Phakic Lens Implants

Phakic lens implants are lenses used to eliminate glasses and are tiny artificial lenses designed to be inserted in front of your natural lens (Implantable Contact Lens) or attached to the iris (Artiflex/Veriflex). The lenses can correct Shortsight, Farsight and Astigmatism. Results from Phakic lenses are comparable if not better than laser eye surgery and have the additional advantage of being completely reversible.

Lens Implants used in Laser Lens Replacement and Laser Cataract Surgery

Laser Lens Replacement is a procedure that is also used to eliminate glasses including reading glasses. The lens inside the eye becomes harder with age and loses the ability to fine focus at near. This condition is called Presbyopia and with Premium Lenses like the trifocal multifocal lens this condition can be eliminated and those undergoing Laser Lens Replacement can eliminate the need for glasses altogether! Also there will be no need to worry about the development of cataract in the future as the lens will have been removed and replaced.

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As the lens within the eye continues to harden it becomes cloudy and vision becomes impaired. This condition is called cataract and modern Laser cataract surgery similar to Laser Lens Replacement involves removal of the cataract and replacement with an intraocular lens implant. Those undergoing cataract surgery can benefit from Laser Cataract Surgery combined with Premium Lenses such as the trifocal multifocal lens.

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At Centre for Sight treatments are tailored to suit the patient and their specific ocular condition. Like laser eye surgery there are a variety of lenses and treatments within this category of lens implants to customise a treatment plan for you.


The other added bonus of these lenses is their suitability for Keratoconus sufferers. Combined with your ongoing treatment plan these lenses can provide a real option for vision correction.

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Authored by Sheraz Daya MD FACP FACS FRCS(Ed) FRCOphth, Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon & Medical Director, June 2019.

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