What to expect

Below is an overview of the consultation process at Centre for Sight. The thoroughness and detail of the visit we are sure will impress. We guarantee you will ALWAYS be seen by a Fellowship Consultant Surgeon with specialist training in Cornea and Laser Refractive Surgery.

“I cannot stress enough how highly skilled, professional and friendly the entire team are.”

Satvinder Kalsi
Centre for Sight Patient

Prior to Arrival

Your information

You will have received a ‘Your Information’ questionnaire with your confirmation letter. If not, one can be downloaded by this link. To help us, please fill this form out thoroughly, including medications being taken, any previous eye and medical conditions and also insurance details (see below under Insurance).

Contact Lenses

For Vision Correction (Laser eye surgery, laser lens exchange, implants), appointments, if you wear contact lenses, try and keep them out for at least one week beforehand. Hard lenses ideally need to be kept out for four weeks.


If your appointment is for a laser consultation your eyes will be dilated and you will not be able to drive, so please arrange either for someone to accompany you to your consultation or to drop you off and pick you up afterwards. To avoid dilation, (if you really have to drive) at Oxshott and East Grinstead only, the Optos large field retinal imaging device can be used – please ask about this in advance of your appointment.

Duration of your consultation

New consultations can last from 1 to 3 hours depending on the eye condition and requirement for investigations, so please make sure you have allowed enough time to get the most out of your consultation.

Your consultation

On arrival at your consultation you will be greeted by our friendly reception team. They will take some details from you and let our clinical team know you have arrived. For security reasons, they will also take your picture. You will then be asked to wait in our lounge where complimentary refreshments and Wi-Fi are available. Please let us know if you have any special requirements before you arrive.

A member of our highly trained clinical team will collect you from the lounge and take you through to our outpatients department. Here they will spend a few minutes explaining what is going to happen to allay any anxieties you might have.  You will be asked some questions about what has prompted you to book a consultation and what you’re hoping to achieve. If you have bought someone with for you for support they are welcome to join your consultation. It is perfectly normal to have a lot of questions and feel a bit nervous during the consultation process so we encourage you to ask as many questions as you want to any of the Centre for Sight team.

Once your clinician has clarified your reasons and needs for consultation, they will move on to some exploratory tests*. These include a minimum of: Vision testing (with and without glasses) at distance and near, refraction (check for power required for each eye), Corneal topography (measurement of corneal shape), intraocular pressures, corneal thickness and pupil dilation for a retinal examination. Depending on the reason for consultation and preliminary findings, further tests and investigations including ones for dry eye may be carried out. You will also be shown a series of short informational videos about your condition and options that may be recommended by your surgeon.

After these tests are complete your clinician will introduce you to your surgeon. The clinician will confirm the results of your initial tests and also your reasons for booking a consultation and also inform the surgeon or any concerns or questions you have. Your consultation with the surgeon involves a complete eye examination and evaluation of the test results. This will involve further questioning and a further discussion about you and your needs, more tests may well be required based on the surgeon’s findings. Your surgeon will provide you with information about your condition and also make recommendations on how this can be managed. Should a procedure be recommended, the alternatives, benefits and risks will be discussed to allow you to make a fully informed decision.

If you decide to go ahead with the procedure recommended to you, one of our patient coordinators will offer you a choice of appointment dates. To secure your preferred date for a procedure a non-refundable deposit will be required.

Insured patients

Please note Insurance companies typically do not cover Laser eye surgery.

All eye surgeons at Centre for Sight are independent providers. While the centre is happy to assist you with your insurance claims, you are ultimately liable for all fees incurred. To assist you in your claim, please contact your insurer ahead of time to obtain written authorisation for your consultation and procedure. Please provide the receptionist with a copy of this authorisation on arrival.

* This does not apply to Laser eye surgery screening evaluations.  For information on Screenings, please click here.