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Patient stories about Cataract / LLR

*All original reviews by patients are filed and available for verification

Lens replacement patient from Surrey

Tracy Laws

07 Dec 2018

Tracy from Sutton, Surrey was cautious and apprehensive for over a decade before deciding to go through with lens replacement...

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Laser Lens Replacement patient Susan Smith

Susan Smith

17 Sep 2018

Susan from Maidstone, Kent was very short-sighted however after undergoing Laser Lens Replacement surgery with Mr Sheraz Daya...

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Laser Lens Replacement patient at Centre for Sight

Martin Holder

20 Feb 2018

Martin was apprehensive at first about Laser Lens Replacement procedure. After the treatment, he was extremely happy with the outcome...

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Valerie Brooks

25 May 2017

My vision before was awful. It was really poor and I knew it was getting worse. Once I realised that not only my eyesight was bad but it was...

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Victoria D

31 Mar 2017

It is beyond words to describe the difference Laser Lens Replacement makes to your life. Before the procedure, I could see in the distance, but...

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Sandra Hesten

18 Jan 2017

Wearing glasses is a physical as well as psychological habit. It is wonderful not to have to reach for my glasses whenever I work on the computer,...

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