Patient stories about Laser Eye Surgery

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Alex B from East Sussex shares his Laser eye surgery experience

Alex B.

16 Oct 2019

remember sitting in class and the pen on the whiteboard just looked like it was running out all the time

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Rebecca from Surrey shares her delight after her Lasik treatment at Centre for Sight

Rebecca S.

07 May 2019

I was very badly shortsighted and it was becoming a problem socially and professionally...

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Emma Pavey

16 Aug 2017

I have always worn contact lenses for about 20 years and recently I had built a reaction to it. I am quite sporty normally as I do a lot of...

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Neil Quantick

20 Jul 2017

I was -2 short-sighted with astigmatism as well, so I pretty much couldn’t see anything near or far. I had been wearing glasses since I was 12 for...

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Stephanie Brown

15 Jun 2017

My vision was -6.75 in both eyes, so I could make out shapes and things, but could not really make-out any sort of letters or anything like that...

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Mei-Lian Hoe

14 Feb 2017

Having been short-sighted and astigmatic since the age of 10 glasses and later contact lenses, had been a staple for most of my life. Neither were...

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Lucy Sambrook

15 Aug 2016

My vision before surgery was really awful - minus 8 and minus 9 I think. I would never have left the house, let alone get out of bed without my...

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Lydean Collins

19 Jul 2016

I had really poor vision, and have worn glasses for a very long time. It wasn't that I minded wearing glasses, but my glasses were so heavy that...

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Kayleigh Marsh

08 Jun 2016

My vision was quite poor before the laser eye surgery at Centre for Sight. I was -4.75 in left eye and -5.75 in the right eye with both eyes having...

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Wendy Colson

10 Mar 2016

Very pleased with the results that I have achieved from the laser eye surgery procedure. I cannot believe how clearly I can see. I don’t have to...

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Hutchinson Family

25 Aug 2015

Lovely Yorkshire couple - Emily and Chris had Laser Vision Correction at Centre for Sight. They were excited to share their experiences. Emily: "I...

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Abigail Mumba

14 Jul 2015

When I search on the internet for Laser Eye Surgery few years ago, the first article in the Daily Mail appeared regarding Centre for Sight CFS in...

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Ben Leow

6 Jul 2015

Absolutely amazing... I feel Wonderful!!! The improvement in my vision is miraculous after my IntraLASIK Surgery with Ms. Marcela Espinosa-Lagana. ...

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Katie Giddings

24 Jun 2015

Absolutely amazing... Fantastic... Terrific... can't think of any other words… well I can think of many but Just "BLOWN AWAY"!!! It's the best thing...

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Shivanthy Ratnarajan, GP

19 Jun 2015

Remarkably clear and sharp, I can’t believe it! Now I can exercise & keep fit without the annoying glasses - all thanks to Centre for Sight. ...

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Paul Foster

16 Jun 2015

Undoubtedly 5-stars to Centre for Sight. I feel ecstatic after IntraLASIK Laser Eye Surgery procedure with Mr. Sheraz Daya and the results are...

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Jenny Kingsford

20 May 2015

''Fantastic Experience!!'' Staff at Centre for Sight were amazing. Dr. Sheraz Daya is great. My vision is better than 20/20. It has been life...

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Stuart Dunlop

9 Mar 2015

The process from first enquiry about LASIK through to the surgery itself, and the aftercare, has been absolutely fantastic. All members of stage at...

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Ann Bowser

23 Feb 2015

Vision hugely improved - no longer need glasses for anything! Help, advice and support at all stages was first class. I have already recommended...

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Dean Garnham

2 Feb 2015

I have had a very positive experience with Centre for Sight and would recommend to anyone who would like their vision improved. I did a lot of...

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Bijal Patel

18 Sep 2014

Great friendly service received from all staff members. Excellent post-operative care.

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Will Atkinson

17 Sep 2014

Very professional and friendly. Amazing result. I researched on google, and then found the attitude and knowledge shown from all staff talked to was...

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John Lemm

15 Sep 2014

Thank you Mr Daya, you have changed my life. You are a miracle worker.

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John Clyness

12 May 2014

For once I had total confidence in all the doctors and staff. I had the feeling they were more interested in my eye sight than profit. I felt...

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Paula Case

11 Feb 2014

The staff have always been very friendly. I am impressed with how I recovered following surgery and also with the actual treatment I’ve receive.

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Karen Gardener

4 Feb 2013

“My eye sight had deteriorated to the point that I could not see the person sitting opposite me. I had glasses for reading, middle and distance...

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Gina Houghton

4 Feb 2013

“I started wearing glasses at the age of 20-21 yrs old. I hated wearing them and stopped wearing mascara because I didn’t see the point when your...

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James Webb

26 Jan 2012

“Centre for Sight is more expensive than many other organisations performing laser eye surgery but you receive extra care and attention for that.....

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Alim Hirji

23 Sep 2011

I had laser eye surgery with the Centre for Sight team in July. I am 21 years old and had just completed my studies at the University of Nottingham...

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Susan Long

25 Aug 2011

“I have found the whole experience amazing. The staff were very courteous, professional and caring. The technology is awe-inspiring and it is...

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John Hyett

13 Jun 2011

First UK Supracor patient The dream was a life without the hassle and inconvenience of glasses. For many years I had considered looking into whether..

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Debi Peppin

7 Jun 2011

The world is a different place this morning – everything is back in focus and I am typing this without glasses. I automatically put them on and...

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Trudi Hamer

6 Jun 2011

As a small child I had my eyes patched and from the age of 5 had to wear very strong long-sighted glasses every day, with a prescription of plus 6....

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Shabnam Khan

5 Jun 2011

My big day? Monday 31st November 2009. That’s the day my life changed for me. Thanks to Saj Khan for giving me my new eyes! After eight years of...

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Ella Jones

15 May 2011

Laser eye surgery was something I had thought about doing for some time but when I finally got around to arranging a consultation, I became quite...

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Sarah Evans

10 May 2011

This was a procedure that I had thought about very carefully as well as researched. Acquaintances have had laser surgery elsewhere but I can...

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Guy Gregory

30 Apr 2011

Having become shortsighted whilst at university, I had been aware of the possibility laser eye surgery for some time. However, I had always been...

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Paul Taylor

25 Apr 2011

I felt privileged to be one of the first patients to be treated for laser correction at Centre for Sight’s fantastic new state of the art premises...

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Mike Simmonds

19 Apr 2011

If you’re reading this, my guess is that you’re surfing the net comparing laser eye surgery clinics. I did too. I even booked a consultation with...

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Satvinder Kalsi

14 Apr 2011

I chose Centre for Sight after having read various impressive articles in the press about them. From the initial consultation to my laser treatment...

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Sheridan Simove

30 Mar 2011

Before I had Laser Eye surgery, I researched for ten years to find the most skilled person and latest equipment in the UK. Yes, I’m living the...

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Jason Forster

10 Mar 2011

I had been looking into laser eye treatment for years and had not been able to find a surgeon who could improve my left eye anywhere near to the...

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Derek Williams

10 Mar 2011

As a fund manager I focus on performance and results. I applied the same process in choosing a clinic for my eye laser surgery and I found that the...

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Trond Thilesen

15 Feb 2011

When choosing laser vision correction (LVC), there are many issues that need to be addressed. Which technique should one choose? Which combination...

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