Patient stories about Laser Eye Surgery

*All original reviews by patients are filed and available for verification

Emma Pavey

16 Aug 2017

I have always worn contact lenses for about 20 years and recently I had built a reaction to it. I am quite sporty normally as I do a lot of...

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Neil Quantick

20 Jul 2017

I was -2 short-sighted with astigmatism as well, so I pretty much couldn’t see anything near or far. I had been wearing glasses since I was 12 for...

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Stephanie Brown

15 Jun 2017

My vision was -6.75 in both eyes, so I could make out shapes and things, but could not really make-out any sort of letters or anything like that...

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Mei-Lian Hoe

14 Feb 2017

Having been short-sighted and astigmatic since the age of 10 glasses and later contact lenses, had been a staple for most of my life. Neither were...

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Lucy Sambrook

15 Aug 2016

My vision before surgery was really awful - minus 8 and minus 9 I think. I would never have left the house, let alone get out of bed without my...

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Lydean Collins

19 Jul 2016

I had really poor vision, and have worn glasses for a very long time. It wasn't that I minded wearing glasses, but my glasses were so heavy that...

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