Dr R. Dasgupta

Dr Ramaprasad Dasgupta from Surrey was overjoyed with the results from his Laser Cataract procedure. He is now able to do all the things he loves most with far more confidence and freedom.

As a General Practitioner and a keen computer user, he has seen a huge difference post cataract surgery to read small prints online and in print. He was delighted to share his Centre for Sight experience.

How was your vision before?

My vision over time became very blurred and it made my driving more and more difficult. I drive quite a lot and so I didn’t feel as confident and safe on the road. I felt my sight was effecting my driving and making it increasingly dangerous and a worry.

I also do a lot of computer work for my own hobbies and leisure, and the blurry vision was impacting this, while also my reading became a struggle. I like to write quite a bit and even this was getting difficult to do easily.

Dr Dasgupta shares his Laser Cataract experience

“My vision just started to impact my day to day life to a certain extent.”

How is your vision after treatment?

My vision is fantastic! It is much better now, it has improved so much. I can now read properly and feel much more comfortable when I’m driving.

“I have greater confidence now, I no longer need glasses and can do whatever it is I want to do.”

How was your overall experience at Centre for Sight?

My overall cataract surgery experience at Centre for Sight was very smooth. I called Centre for Sight from my holiday in India to make a consultation and very kindly I was booked in on my return.

When I was on holiday I realised my vision under bright lights had got significantly worse. So 2 days after I came back I had an appointment. It was all very smooth and that’s when I saw my consultant and surgeon Mr Daya at the first appointment. After all my tests carried out by the technicians, Mr Daya suggested multifocal lenses since they were the best option for me to get vision at near, intermediate and long distance.

Moreover I was surprised when Mr Daya asked me to come back next week for the treatment, I expected it to take longer. This allowed me to have my treatment and go on my next holiday with good vision… something I didn’t expect or anticipate.

It was all so quick and efficient. My wife has been a patient of Mr Daya’s for over 7 years. Vision correction treatment at Centre for Sight has been a success for her and I knew I was in the right hands to correct my own vision.

I was confident since she had a brilliant treatment. I did not feel nervous at all! I can’t thank everyone at Centre for Sight enough! As a result of my Laser Cataract procedure my life has changed completely and so has my vision!

Dr Dasgupta shares his Laser Cataract experience

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