Lucy Sambrook

Lucy Sambrook – Centre for Sight patient

“Although I was very nervous on the day, the experience was one of the best days of my life.”

Lucy Sambrook
Journalist from London

My vision before surgery was really awful – minus 8 and minus 9 I think. I would never have left the house, let alone get out of bed without my glasses or contact lenses.

I could only see about a couple of inches in front of my face clearly before everything was completely blurry. I was convinced my eyesight was too bad to have laser eye surgery before I visited Centre for Sight.

Before surgery, my poor eyesight was the bane of my life – carting around contact lenses equipment, glasses, prescription sunglasses and eye drops everywhere. My eyes are very sensitive and became allergic to contact lenses, I also got headaches from wearing glasses – so either was not a good option for me.

At this point I decided to have laser eye surgery because I was sick of putting up with contact lenses and glasses. I felt like using contact lenses was damaging my eyes slowly as I was prone to infections from them. I also could not exercise or swim properly wearing glasses.

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I did a lot of research before my procedure as I didn’t want to plump for the cheapest option on the market. Nothing is more important than eyesight. A good friend recommended Centre for Sight and told me how amazing and straight forward his experience was, so I decided to look into the clinic.

After finding out that Mr Daya is such an expert in the field, it really put me at ease. I was convinced that Centre for Sight is the safest and best option for me and I booked a consultation to have LASIK Laser Eye Surgery.

I was very nervous and excited before the operation. I wish I could let other people know not to be as afraid as I was – there’s really no need as the operation was actually so quick and completely painless as Mr Daya said it would be!

Although I was very nervous on the day, the experience was one of the best days of my life. The nurses and staff all were so lovely and put me completely at ease on the day. The aftercare was very thorough and I felt in very safe hands all the way through the surgery.

“My vision is 20.20 now!!! I would say it’s perfect – it really does feel like a miracle.”

It was all over before I knew it and I just could not believe I could see almost perfectly straight after the surgery.

The feeling was absolutely incredible. I would 100% recommend Centre for Sight to all my friends and family.

Just a month after my surgery, I went on the holiday of a lifetime to Bali and swam with turtles in the sea, snorkeled and enjoyed every second completely free of contact lenses and glasses. It’s completely changed my life and is without a doubt the best decision I’ve ever made, and money I’ve ever spent.

Lucy’s story was published in the Metro newspaper. Read more about why she chose to have Laser Eye Surgery.

Lucy with Sheraz Daya – laser eye surgery