Anthony Sullivan

Anthony Sullivan – Centre for Sight patient

“…I was told at my first consultation that I will get 20-20 vision and now I have it!!!”

Anthony Sullivan
Golf Enthusiast from Lindfield, West Sussex

My near vision was extremely deteriorated as I wore glasses since last 25-30 years. I was very frustrated having to wear them with a string around my neck because I had to look up, down or while doing any detail work or even looking at the computer. It was very irritating.

My wife and I learnt about Mr. Daya about 6 months ago and saw him at the seminar. All my questions were answered instantly.

I also saw an article in a newspaper and followed it up on the internet.

Consultation was thorough, details established for my case if I was suitable for the procedure was impressive and first class.

It gave me a lot of confidence because it’s your eyes and everyone gets nervous about their eyes.

When I found I was suitable, I was extremely happy even though I had slight astigmatism in both eyes. Dr. Daya was able to tackle that and work it through the procedure.

I delayed the procedure a bit because I do a lot of golfing at the moment and it was a busy season. Centre for Sight were happy to accommodate my timing as per my requirements. The procedure seemed to be very straight-forward, I had no discomfort whatsoever.

“All the documentation I received from the patient co-ordinators prepared me so I was not nervous at the time. The staff here are brilliant, looked after me very well.”

The next day I pulled off the patch and went straight to look at my watch to see whether I can make out the tiny numbers and brand name without my glasses – I was surprised to see it was the clearest thing ever. It will totally change my life.

I was told at my first consultation that I will get 20-20 vision and now I have it. I went to my optician to give my glasses away, and she said she wished to have vision like mine which was fantastic to hear.

Dr. Sheraz Daya says I’ve a fighter pilot vison which is not bad for a 65 years old. I can now mark the scorecard very easily during my golf sessions. Brilliant experience!!!

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