Corneal Allograft Intrastromal Rings (CAIRS) – Keranatural


A new option that eliminates some of the issues with plastic rings (Intacs, Ferrara and Kerarings) is the use of corneal graft tissue fashioned as a ring. This is more natural in that it is corneal tissue which integrates with the keratoconic cornea without any edge effect and little if any chance of extrusion and infection once healed. As the Keranatural tissue has no cells, there is very little chance of producing any immune reaction. The tissue is also safe in having followed the very strict quality standards used in modern eye-banking to reduce chances of any disease transmission.

Centre for Sight has performed this procedure since August 2022 with very satisfactory outcomes. The steepness of the cornea has reduced as has astigmatism with patients obtaining better glasses corrected vision and easier contact lens fitting in extreme cases. There have been no complaints of halos or edge effects.

Customised Surgery for Keratoconus Corneas


As those with keratoconus are aware, every keratoconus cornea is individual and surgery design must be customised to each cornea individually. Suitability for the procedure is based on a very thorough consultation with sophisticated 3-dimensional mapping and imaging of the cornea. To find out if you might be suitable for Keranatural Corneal Allograft Intracorneal Ring Segments (CAIRS), book an appointment by contacting enquiries@centreforsight.com or call +44 1342306020.

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