Toric Lenses

Not all patients are suitable for one type of lens. At Centre for Sight numerous lenses are available and surgeons choose the best lens available for the patient depending on their optical system, ocular health and visual needs. Accommodative lenses are “High Performance Lenses” which like multifocal lenses provide increased depth of focus and less dependence on glasses. The Crystalens is the accommodative implant of choice at Centre for Sight where it has been used since 2002 in over 1000 cases.

Toric Lenses for Cataract and Lens replacement

What is the Crystalens accommodative implant?

The Crystalens works by moving back and forth within the eye as well as arching or flexing. The movement occurs through muscle contraction within the eye and this movement alters the focusing power of the eye.

Implantation of the lens as opposed to a conventional lens implant enables recipients to obtain an improvement in distance, middle and in most instances reading vision depending on how well the eye muscles move. To improve near vision further, your Centre for Sight surgeon might consider making your non-dominant eye slightly shortsighted so between the two eyes you will have an increased likelihood of full range of correction.

The details of this will be discussed at your consultation at Centre for Sight.

The Crystalens accommodative lens implant used at Centre for Sight has been extensively studied and is approved by the Food and Drug Administration, USA for replacement of the crystalline lens and for the correction of presbyopia at the time of surgery.