Centre for Sight is recognised by insurers as a centre for treatment, and we have listed all insurers we deal with on a regular basis below. If your insurer is not listed please contact them directly to check your cover.

As an insured patient each provider involved with your care will bill your health insurance company independently. Please do not quote the prices listed in any marketing material to them as it could cause confusion and affect your claim. Centre for Sight gives no preference to any one provider and cover is based on your individual policy.

Our consultants also contract with different insurance companies. For more details on which consultant is recognised by each provider, please visit our individual Surgeon pages.


  • Bupa
  • Axa PPP
  • WPA
  • Exeter Friendly
  • Simply Health
  • Saga
  • Healix
  • PruHealth
  • Standard Life
  • AIG Direct Health
  • UNAT Direct

You are required to contact your insurance company prior to surgery or any consultation to gain their pre-authorisation. Centre for Sight is happy to provide assistance in making claims for surgery however must be provided with pre-authorisation. If you do not provide proof of authorisation, you will be charged directly and provided with a paid receipt.

Consultation costs are expected to be paid in full at the time of the consultation and claimed back from the insurance company.

Please note that there may be a difference between the treatment fees charged by Centre for Sight and payment received from the insurance company. You will be responsible for any shortfall.

International Insurance

Internationally insured patients will be required to pay a consultation fee and individual investigations. An itemised invoice and paid receipt will be provided which can be used to claim from the insurance company. For surgical procedures, global self-pay prices will be charged which can be claimed back from the insurance company.

BUPA Cataract

BUPA Standard Cataract Pathway

BUPA’s standard pathway means that the surgeon can determine his/her own fee based on his/her level of experience and expertise.

The cost of the standard pathway is split into two, with a fee required to cover the facility charge for the hospital and a fee charged by the operating surgeon.

The facility fee including the cost of a standard lens is fully covered and paid directly by the insurance company to Centre for Sight.

The Surgeon’s fee is determined by the operating surgeon. BUPA will only cover a portion of the surgeon’s fee in part, the amount of which is dependent on the patient’s policy and the contract is in place between the surgeon and BUPA.

Any shortfall in cost has to be paid by the patient to the surgeon.

BUPA Full Cataract Pathway

Centre for Sight has a contractual agreement with BUPA for patients eligible under a Full Cataract Pathway Scheme. BUPA’s full cataract pathway is a set fee which covers the cost of the facility charge and also those of the surgeon, anaesthetist (if required) and consultations pre and post operation up to the 6 weeks following procedure. The cost also includes the cost of a standard lens.

Additional Premium package (cost not covered by BUPA)

Centre for Sights Premium Cataract package includes additional investigations (not usually included for cataract) which are used to measure astigmatism and aberrations to help decide the most suitable lens. It also includes the premium lens, correction of astigmatism with the use of a laser and additional follow up visits as may be required.

Top-up refractive laser eye surgery may be needed for residual refractive error and is included.

AXA Healthcare Insurance – Cataract

AXA Healthcare Cataract Pathway

Patient’s undergoing cataract surgery via the AXA Cataract pathway are entitled to receive the following:

  • Series of painless non-invasive diagnostic tests
  • Initial consultation with the surgeon performing the procedure
  • Monofocal lenses
  • Manual technique using high frequency ultrasound same as what is provided in the NHS
  • Follow up consultation

Initial consultation and surgery are completed on the same day if viable and appropriate to do so, and with the patient’s prior agreement. Bilateral surgery is not permitted, but the 2nd procedure can be completed on a different day.

AXA Premium Package Surgery

For patients that wish to consider alternative services or lenses in addition to the cover provided by their AXA Healthcare Insurance, they are able to select from various premium top-up packages. (in line with CFS‘ self-pay Cataract service) Premium Package includes:

  • Multi-focal and Toric lenses
  • The presence of an anaesthetist
  • Laser surgical technique
  • Unlimited follow up consultations (within usual T&Cs)
  • Top up laser surgery (if required)