Adam Terry

Adam Terry – Centre for Sight patient

“Making my eyes a priority was the best decision I ever made.”

I became increasingly concerned when I noticed that my vision was blurred earlier this year. I was struggling to read from my computer screen at work and felt very dizzy whilst running, but it wasn’t until I looked into the requirements of joining the air force that I decided it was time to get my eye health checked out.

My optician explained that the reason for my sight problems was that I had congenital cataracts in both eyes. I was initially informed that my vision could be corrected with glasses, and that it would be 20-30 years before I would require treatment, but my vision deteriorated quickly, to the point where I had almost lost sight in my right eye.

I lost all depth perception, and was experiencing significant dizziness and migraines. My whole life was seriously affected by the poor health of my eyes, so I decided to undergo Victus laser Surgery.

Making the health of my eyes a priority was the best decision I ever made. The vision in my right eye is now better than it has ever been, and I plan to have the Victus Laser Surgery to remove the cataract in my left eye if that ever deteriorates.

Having my sight restored means that I can do the simple things that most of us take for granted – things like reading the menus in restaurants. I’ve also started running again, am learning to drive and have celebrated the renewed health of my eyes by sightseeing with my girlfriend in Florida and the South of France.

My advice to everyone is to never take your eye health care for granted. Visit your optician regularly and if you do notice deterioration in your vision don’t wait to get it checked out. I felt that I had lost my independence without my eye sight but with my sight restored I have a Christmas present that money can’t buy; I’ve got my life back.