Denis Cummings

“My cataract surgery was immaculate and the follow-up was thorough.”

Denis Cummings
Retired Patient from Rustington

Delighted patient has vision restored and fully corrected after Laser Cataract Surgery with Trifocal lenses.

Denis Cummings started wearing glasses at 11 years old and was reliant on them ever since. After 60 years of wearing glasses he developed Cataracts and realised he needed vision correction due to the deterioration of his sight. A close friend recommended Centre for Sight, where he underwent Laser cataract surgery with high performance Trifocal (multifocal) lenses. Mr Cummings is delighted with his results and shared his thoughts with us.

What was your vision like before your Cataract Surgery?

My vision was very poor, and it was hindering a lot of my day to day tasks. After a recent appointment at my opticians, I was told I was below the qualified driving standard, plus watching TV and reading books became a struggle. This resulted in me listening to the radio instead as it was easier and less stressful, but I got less enjoyment from this as reading was something I loved to do. Collectively between these concerns and my Cataracts developing, I knew I needed to do something about it.

What was your experience like at Centre for Sight?

My treatment was immaculate and the investigations during consultation were very thorough and impressive. It felt reassuring and comforting that the tests were detailed, and the staff were all very knowledgeable. Staff took me through the entire process and put me at ease the whole way through. I knew well in advance what to expect as it was explained to me early on which gave me confidence that everything was going to be okay. I was in the hands of complete professionals from start to finish which helped remove any nervousness I had.


“It is like God has repainted the earth for me”

What is your vision like now?

I was getting colour loss before treatment, but now I can see the sun clearly. I used to fumble for my glasses in the morning, but I no longer need them and it’s like I have been taken back to the vision I once had as a child. I can now see at far, intermediate and short distances without glasses.

“I can see colours again and the world looks far brighter than I ever remember it”

What are you now excited about doing?

I loved playing in my Jazz Quartet band, but my poor vision at the time made it difficult to read and play notes. I struggled with the Saxophone, but I am now back enjoying my music with the band and making new experiences. I am also looking forward to going back on holiday after COVID and explore more of the world with my newly found vision.

I am now able to read and watch TV again all while being GLASSES-FREE.