Jean Smith

“Centre for Sight changed my whole perspective and gave me my life back!”

Jean Smith
Housewife from Coventry

Mrs Jean Smith from Coventry had a Corneal transplant and Cataract surgery at the same time and is overjoyed with the outcome. She has 20/20 vision and is back to her enjoying her pleasures of gardening and hairdressing!

Jean had a sophisticated small incision corneal transplant procedure  Descemet’s Stripping Automated Endothelial Keratoplasty (DSAEK) combined with cataract surgery to both eyes and regained her eyesight rapidly after each procedure.

Jean and her son Adam approached our team of their own accord wishing to share her story and here is what she had to say…

What was your vision like before surgery?

My vision was very poor and almost entirely depleted. Prior to the operation, the nurse asked me to tell her how many fingers she was holding up and I couldn’t see any – for all intents and purposes I realised I was blind.

I struggled to do most things: I was a hairdresser but had to give that up; I could no longer drive; I couldn’t really cook, clean or even put my own makeup on. I had lost all independence, as I couldn’t go out on my own or complete any basic tasks.

“Worst of all, I couldn’t see my family”

What is your vision like now?

After my corneal and cataract surgery at Centre for Sight, I have 20/20 vision and the things I can see now are remarkable! I hadn’t been able to see this well for years. Before I went blind, I’d had such good eyesight and I took it for granted. Now I have it back again, I relish every moment.

Now I can be part of the most wonderful things in my life like seeing my grandson growing up, getting to see my son get married and being able to enjoy all the things I used to do before my blindness. I’ve started to do some hairdressing, I can spend time gardening, and I can get about on my own again.

“I can see again, it’s all so wonderful! ”

What was your experience like at Centre for Sight?

Everyone who works at Centre for Sight is a credit to the company. It was unbelievable and fantastic. After treatment for my right eye, I had complete faith in the team and knew I’d go back for my treatment in the left eye.

There’s nothing I can’t do now, and I cherish every day that comes.

All the team should keep up their fantastic work and as far as I’m concerned, My Daya is second to none. The whole team is amazing.

“Centre for Sight changed my whole perspective and gave me my life back. They’re real-life heroes”

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