Dr Karen

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Dr Karen from London was really pleased with her results from Laser Lens Replacement. She now has freedom from glasses and is able to do the academic part of her job with ease.

What was your vision like before Laser Lens Replacement?

It was deterioriating every year and it was pretty bad and giving that I work as an academic as part of my job, reading is obviously essential. I grew up with almost perfect vision and no glasses. It had started to deteroriate with age and it was getting really quite bad.

“There was no pain, the aftercare was great and it was remarkably easy. I had one eye done on a Monday, and I was back seeing patients on the Tuesday, and then the second eye done on a Wednesday. It was all so quick and in many ways really easy.”

What is your vision like now?

Now it’s really good again. It was deteoriating and I had to come back recently for a treatment and it’s fantastic! It’s so wonderful to be able to see clearly and not have to wear glasses. I think I was so anti-glasses that I would struggle with not using them and then not be able to see properly and it was all a bit exhausting. It’s interesting how it affects ones psyche. I work as a psychologist and it really made me feel so much better. Sight is obviously so important and it made me feel younger.

How was your overall experience at Centre for Sight?

Mr Daya is clearly absolutely brilliant at what he does, the staff were all wonderful, the place is scrubbed clean, all high IT tech and machines, it fills me with confidence. The receptionist was lovely, the nurses were lovely, everyone was so polite and pleasant and of course that really helps ones experience.

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