Natalie Brodrick

Natalie was anxious at the beginning when deciding upon having implantable contact lens surgery with our consultant Sheraz Daya. However, after the treatment, she was overjoyed with the outcome and satisfied with the whole experience at Centre for Sight.

What was your vision like before having ICL surgery and how did it affect your life?

Before surgery my vision was -8 dioptres and therefore I couldn’t read a book or see facial expressions etc. without using my glasses. I’d been wearing glasses since I was in primary school, and had contacts from when I was about 15. However, as I’ve got older I’ve become less tolerant towards them.

I came to Centre for Sight about 10 years ago to have laser eye surgery, but my pupils were quite big. I’d also been prone to halo’s which could be counteracted with eye-drops, but decided to hold fire for a bit first. With the advancements now available I decided to come back and was suggested to correct my vision with implantable contact lens.

Your Centre for Sight experience…

I was a little nervous at first. However I knew I was in good hands, I’d come to a really reputable place so I felt confident.

I was given some Midazolam I.V sedation to take the edge off, but I was made fully aware that I could still talk and respond to questions.

From all the tests done at consultation to show what treatment I was eligible for, right the way to being in operating theatre and explaining what and why they were doing things all the way to recovery – the entire process was fantastic. Overall, it was a really good experience.

“The staff were so lovely and friendly, they explained everything they were going to do prior to doing it.”

After Surgery thoughts…

I would definitely recommend Centre for Sight. I’d dwelt on surgery for 10 years since my initial consultation, and I was lucky that I did wait because technology has advanced so much.

I’ve had no symptoms since the ICL procedure. To be able to look around the room and see words and writing is just amazing. I’m just ecstatic with my eye-sight and the vision that I’ve now got.

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